The toys are alive - #AAG15

I’m all about subtlety in gifs lately. This one I call “Exercise in the clone tool” because that’s 99% of what I used here. I really wanted to try and make a static image be animated as “real” as possible, which is easier said than done. I probably could have done more little animations, maybe I will in the future.

See if you can find all the animations 🙂


The toys are alive – #AAG15


Riff-a-Gif - Spiderweb AAG #13

I don’t know if these posters technically count as ds106 assignments, but it was way too cool for me to pass up.

The spider was made by me in gimp (I know, it looks so real). The awesome poster is by Michael Branson Smith – hopefully he doesn’t mind the riff!

Riff-a-Gif – Spiderweb AAG #13


Light Fight - AAG #12

Once I saw that it was vader we’d be animating, I had to give it a shot.

I used the clone tool to hide the lights and make them look like they were flashing. I also used the hue/saturation tool on the little yellow light to make it look like it was glowing – I did the same for the reflection on vader’s outfit.

I really wanted to make his cape wave but there are only so many hours in a day

Light Fight – AAG #12


IMG_0657 062

Okay so I’m doing them out of order. This one was really easy, I just filmed myself writing on a whiteboard, opened the video up in MPEG Streamclip, exported as an image sequence and ta-da! I did delete a LOT of the frames though (there were 1,000!) so that may be why it’s a little jumpy. The file size is still crazy large though

Under Construction – #AAG 6