Light Fight - AAG #12

Once I saw that it was vader we’d be animating, I had to give it a shot.

I used the clone tool to hide the lights and make them look like they were flashing. I also used the hue/saturation tool on the little yellow light to make it look like it was glowing – I did the same for the reflection on vader’s outfit.

I really wanted to make his cape wave but there are only so many hours in a day


Light Fight – AAG #12


Lollipop wiggle - #AAG11

Took a little break to make a Dum-Dum wiggle 🙂

Thanks to Tina for the 3D app reccomendation

Lollipop wiggle – #AAG11


IMG_0657 062

Okay so I’m doing them out of order. This one was really easy, I just filmed myself writing on a whiteboard, opened the video up in MPEG Streamclip, exported as an image sequence and ta-da! I did delete a LOT of the frames though (there were 1,000!) so that may be why it’s a little jumpy. The file size is still crazy large though

Under Construction – #AAG 6


Scary shark gets flower power #AAG 8

Inspired by an article that Jim shared ( I really wanted to create something strange.

Flower images from
Shark image from

Scary shark gets flower power #AAG 8


People who can't make eggs

You know, I really scrambled my brain to try and think of a good gif for this challenge. I ended up calling my old friend Benedict to ask for his advice on what to do. He said that what it all boiled down to was a just a good ol fashioned plain gif. I wouldn’t call this gif overly easy to make. Although I tend to have a sunny disposition, this was a difficult task. I’ll admit I almost cracked under the pressure, but in the end, I hope I was able to shell out something worth viewing.

People who can’t make eggs AAG #4


Making art – minimalist promo poster? AAG #3

I had a grand plan to create a gif that looked very drawn on, to convey the part of ds106 that I loved the most.  I was going to then apologize for how this gif actually turned out, but then decided that I wouldn’t.  It’s rough around the edges and it reminds me of some of my first projects that I did for ds106.


While I do love everything about this course, the thing that keeps bringing me back really is the creative expression.  The actual art-making.  It’s been two years since I was enrolled in ds106 (yikes) but in my quiet moments, I still come back to the assignments page to let out some artistic steam.

To any prospective students of the course possibly reading this post, this is not a class that is easily taken and then forgotten.  ds106 sticks with you for many reasons, and teaches you a lot.  It taught me to make art, damnitt.