Space Postcard - a daily create

I really enjoyed this one. My inspiration came from those old Florida (I probably blatantly ripped this one off to be honest:

For this one I got to do two of my favorite things. Scour for new fonts and look at pictures of space. I used Italic Bricks and Chocolate Dealer for this project. I also used photos from the hubble space telescope

The process began like so – I picked a variety of pictures that had lots of different colors for the inside of the font. I cut out the inside of the letters and pasted the image inside of the cut out part. Then I rotated everything around to my liking and used a lot of the Distort tools in Gimp (including iWarp to slightly warp the edges and I believe the Curve Bend tool to slightly bend the letters. The quote at the bottom is an actual quote from astronaut Michael Collins, and I thought it sounded catchy. After all my fonts and colors and warping was in place, I applied the RGB noise filter as well as the Canvas filter to create a sort of papery effect.

Definitely enjoyed doing this one, hope to get more tdc’s like it!

Space Postcard – a daily create


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