Light Fight - AAG #12

Once I saw that it was vader we’d be animating, I had to give it a shot.

I used the clone tool to hide the lights and make them look like they were flashing. I also used the hue/saturation tool on the little yellow light to make it look like it was glowing – I did the same for the reflection on vader’s outfit.

I really wanted to make his cape wave but there are only so many hours in a day

Light Fight – AAG #12


5 thoughts on “Light Fight – AAG #12

  1. It is nice the way you made the blinky lights. And the Vader Man is just standing there like he doesn’t realize that I cut off his head and then put it back on with Velcro. That’s funny. But also kind of sad for him because before he was that little pod racer boy with the bowl haircut. But he made a bad choice and didn’t make Friends. Even Obi-Wan gave him lots of chances before he cut off his legs and hand and left him to burn in the lava.

    Some dudes never learn.

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