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Okay so I’m doing them out of order. This one was really easy, I just filmed myself writing on a whiteboard, opened the video up in MPEG Streamclip, exported as an image sequence and ta-da! I did delete a LOT of the frames though (there were 1,000!) so that may be why it’s a little jumpy. The file size is still crazy large though

Under Construction – #AAG 6


2 thoughts on “Under Construction – #AAG 6

  1. You see? It is good to make an Under Construction GIF! It is good to just make a GIF. And you can make a GIF in any order that you like, and then when you say on the Twitter we can see it!

    I like to see GIFs. They are fun to look at and Friends make them.

    I think that you can be a Friend for me. Did you see on my blog where I have my Friends? I have New Friends and Open Friends and True Friends. And I also have Real Friends. I think that you can be an Open Friend until you apply for a badge and then you can be a True Friend. I like all of my Friends. I am all about Friends.

    Well, bye!

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