Making art – minimalist promo poster? AAG #3

I had a grand plan to create a gif that looked very drawn on, to convey the part of ds106 that I loved the most.  I was going to then apologize for how this gif actually turned out, but then decided that I wouldn’t.  It’s rough around the edges and it reminds me of some of my first projects that I did for ds106.


While I do love everything about this course, the thing that keeps bringing me back really is the creative expression.  The actual art-making.  It’s been two years since I was enrolled in ds106 (yikes) but in my quiet moments, I still come back to the assignments page to let out some artistic steam.

To any prospective students of the course possibly reading this post, this is not a class that is easily taken and then forgotten.  ds106 sticks with you for many reasons, and teaches you a lot.  It taught me to make art, damnitt.


2 thoughts on “Making art – minimalist promo poster? AAG #3

  1. I like rough around the edges. Most of my stuff for ds106 is still that (I’ve only done it for a few months!). And this gif does convey the creative, drawing, fun aspects of ds106. I completely agree–it sticks with you. I’m not sure why, as I’ve never really done art before, but I can’t stop now. And that’s just fine.

  2. I think it is a wonderful poster and the balloons make it NOT rough because balloons are smooth and they did NOT pop, like if it WAS rough then they would likely pop but they didn’t so it isn’t.

    Plus, they are nice colours like balloons are colorful. And I like balloons. And they are shaped like #ds106! But don’t let them pop!!

    Well, bye!!

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